Thursday, 26 March 2009


We have sadly just heard of the untimely death of a careers colleague, Margaret Bradford Banbridge Academy, RIP.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Conference Materials

All materials relating to your Area Learning Community are available on the Virtual Learning Portal. If anything is missing let us know.


LSDA NI Launches New Careers Education Pack

LSDA NI recently launched a new publication, Careers
Education for Work Based Learning Providers- A Resource
Pack. It has been produced for use with Training for
Success and Apprenticeships-NI learners. Careers
Education has been identified as a critical aspect of
ensuring young people entering Post-16 education and
training provision make informed choices on their future
career pathway.

Copies of the pack and further information can be
obtained by contacting Nicola Reilly at the LSDA NI Office,
telephone 028 9044 7711 or


Sector Skills Councils' Careers templates

The Northern Ireland Careers Service web-site provides a
host of information, advice and contacts to help people
of all ages make informed career decisions.

It contains many interactive features and a number of multi-media
resources that enable users to explore fully the range of careers available. It also provides details of all Careers Advisers throughout Northern Ireland. However, one of
the challenges for the Careers Service is to ensure that all careers information is relevant and up-to-date.

Sector Skills Councils, through their extensive research and understanding of employers’ skills requirements, are uniquely placed to provide robust careers information about their sector. In a new project the Department for
Employment and Learning and Sector Skills Councils are developing careers templates for each of the 25 sectors. Each template will contain relevant information about
the sector such as job roles, skills and qualifications for entry to the sector, and job opportunities. This valuable resource will be used by Careers Advisers to promote
each sector as a possible career to their clients. The development of the templates will take place during January to April 2009 and is being co-ordinated through
the Alliance of Sector Skills Councils (ASSC). Further information on
the project is available by contacting Claire Toner at ASSC on
or 028 9044 7735
The Alliance
of Sector


DEL Occupational Information Days

DEL are running a series of Occupational Information Days where people involved in the CEIAG field can get the most recent update in particular sector skills councils.

Date 24th March 2009
Balmoral Hotel, Belfast
10.00 – 12.30 Creative and Cultural Sector Skills Council

1.30 – 14.30 Lifelong Learning Uk

14.30 - 16.00 Electrical Training Trust

26th March 2009
Walsh’s Hotel, Maghera
10.00 – 12.30 Creative and Cultural Sector Skills Council

1.30 – 14.30 Lifelong Learning Uk

14.30 - 16.00 Electrical Training Trust

12th May 2009
Balmoral Hotel, Belfast
10.00 – 12.30 Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Council

1.30 – 16.00 Skills for Justice

14th May 2009
Walsh’s Hotel, Maghera
10.00 – 12.30 Skills for Logistics Sector Skills Council

1.30 – 16.00 Skills for Justice

23rd June 2009
Balmoral Hotel, Belfast
10.00 – 12.30 Lantra Sector Skills Council

Afternoon session to be confirmed

25TH June 2009Walsh’s Hotel, Maghera
10.00 – 12.30 Lantra Sector Skills Council

Afternoon session to be confirmed


UU’s ambitious plans

The University of Ulster has been releasing details of its future strategy over the past two weeks. First up was the announcement of the expansion of its city centre campus in Belfast’s cathedral quarter,

with some provision being moved from the Jordanstown campus on the outskirts of the city.
Next up is raising the profile of the campus in Londonderry. The Magee campus hopes to attract an additional 2000 students to an enhanced range of courses.
Plus Coleraine – location of its other Campus – is to benefit from the construction of a new business park.
With a projected budget of £250m earmarked for the changes, this will be a major boost to the NI economy and the areas targeted.
There are concerns however, from local representatives and onlookers, about the future of the (presently) largest campus at Jordanstown. The university has moved quickly to allay fears by earmarking it as a centre of excellence for sports studies – but this has done nothing to quell the disquiet in the Newtownabbey/Jordanstown area, just five miles from Belfast city centre.
Northern Ireland’s only other university, the Queen’s University of Belfast, obviously also headquarters in the city (as does the physical presence of the OU). This may also be a veiled rationale for the proposals by the UU – to become a ‘city’ university and once and for all shake off its ‘polytechnic’ roots.
Articles here and here


FSA teaching resource

The Financial Services Authority have developed a free pack for colleges: Money for Life which can be downloaded from here


Latest labour market figures released

Figures released today showed another marked increase in unemployment benefit claimants over the month and a rise in the Northern Ireland unemployment rate.

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Occupational Studies

The widely-used CCEA Occupational Studies have been subject to review, as announced by CCEA last October. The intention was to have the suite of qualifications, used by

most of the school/college partnerships with the 14-16 cohort as part of the Entitlement Framework, revised and ready for first teaching in September2009.
However, the changes will not now be effected until 2010/11 (probably first teaching in September 2010).
This is to allow further consultation with stakeholders. You can see a press release on the CCEA website by following the links from the homepage - Latest News and then 2009 (the website has no internal hyperlinks).


Monday, 9 March 2009

STEM in Schools -

Latest News

To celebrate Science and Engineering Week Teachers TV are broadcasting a range of programmes including: STEM Subject Choice and Careers - Careers, which shows secondary pupils researching career paths in STEM related subjects. While in STEM Subject Choice and Careers - Science, a teacher uses a range of methods to help pupils think about the future of their careers in science professions. STEM Subject Choice and Careers - Maths, shows a teacher's innovative link of a maths lesson to the world of work, helping pupils relate their learnings. And STEM Subject Choice and Careers - Engineering shows a Year 9 class engaging in contextual learning about the structure of theme park rides.


Raising Aspirations

Teachers TV looks at how children can be inspired by the world of work.

The programme features Swalwell Primary School in Gateshead which is based on an estate where many are long-term unemployed. Previously a large number of the children at the school had little understanding of the world of work or had very limited aspirations.

The school aims to raise the aspirations of children at the school by embedding career-related learning across the curriculum. SEAL is used as a platform to discuss and explore different careers, while teachers relate subjects like maths to the world of work. The ethos of the school is to demonstrate to children the purpose of going to school and how education and learning fits into the ‘bigger picture’.

The school supports the connection between school and the world of work through a series of initiatives. The school works with Headstart, a scheme which delivers hands-on workshops for children to get a feel for jobs. Workshops are presented at the school by local employees such as telecommunications engineers, chemists and mechanics. The workshops provide tangible role models, make links to education and beyond 16/18, and challenge gender stereotyping.

The school also works with Newcastle University who invite Year 6 pupils to spend a day on campus. Through these visits children learn about university life, that university is open to all, and that certain careers require higher education qualifications.

This programme shows how the introduction of career-related learning in Years 5 and 6 improved attainment and raised aspirations in a deprived area of Gateshead. The activities underline the importance of partnerships and raising aspirations for all abilities. They include:

Getting children to imagine their future lives (integrated with the SEAL programme)
Using ICT and maths in a practical and fun way to explore the world of work
Visiting universities and having contact students (linked to the Students into Schools scheme)
Taking part in a careers morning with ‘hands-on’ activities provided by employers many of whom have brought along younger workers to run them (as part of the Headstart programme for Y6 children)
Challenging gender stereotypes by getting the children to match pictues of people with job titles.
The programme was first broadcast at the beginning of February and can now be downloaded from the Teachers TV website at


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