Wednesday, 14 July 2010

UCAS -entrance system to be reviewed

The points-based university entrance system is to be reviewed. University applicants now have a wider range of qualifications which are not all recognised at present, admissions service Ucas said.
Under the system, designed 10 years ago, A levels and other qualifications are each given a 'points score'. Universities use these to make offers to students. Ucas said that when the system was introduced, A levels were the main entry qualification for higher education - now around half of applicants from Britain and Northern Ireland to universities apply with other qualifications.
There are also concerns that the tariff system does not show how a particular qualification could be more appropriate for some courses than others.
(Irish News 8th July)


Careers in Primary School

Today's youngsters would rather be a teacher or a vet than being famous, a poll has suggested.
Despite the influence of hit TV shows like The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, 'Pop star' came seventh in a survey of children's career ambitions. The survey, commissioned by the Children's Mutual to mark National Childcare Week, asked 1200 parents of five to seven year olds what their child had said they wanted to be when they grow up. The top answer was a teacher followed by a vet.
A footballer was third (world Cup influence possibly). Rounding out the top five were doctor and firefighter. The poll also found differences between genders. While boys dream most of being a footballer, a girl's top ambition is to become a teacher. (Irish News 8th July)


Friday, 9 July 2010

Top Twenty Future Jobs

If you were to ask a group of Key Stage 3 students what is a 'Body Part Maker'? What would they say?

On the link below you will get 20 possible futuristic jobs for the workforce of 2030. If you think that the jobs that are now around in 2010, never existed in 2004! We need to prepare pupils for the future.



250,000 to miss Univeristy places this year!

'Many highly-qualified young people with good A-levels will not get a place at university'

So when pupils come back to you at the start of the new year and tell you 'I didn't get accepted, why?'. What is your answer? How do you deal with this in the classroom for next years students?

Any Post 16 or Key Stage 4 programme cannot afford to leave this lesson out of their programme. Young people need to be well informed to make effect decisions such as the one above for the 250,000 students.


Top Ten CV Mistakes

We are always trying to get pupils to create a good CV - the challenge for us is be be creative in the classroom. Click on the link to see if this video can help you get the message across.



Free Careers in Sports Posters

Would your School/College/Institution like FREE Careers in Sport posters to promote the diverse career options available to students? The 3 A2-size posters cover Sports Science, Sports Coaching and Sports Management. To order, please email confirming your institute name, address and the number of copies of each poster you require.


Earn £50,000 @Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury's

School leavers can gain 3 A level equivalent's by completing an NVQ level 3 and Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. After successfully completing a 2 year course, recruits are automatically enrolled on the wider Tesco Trainee Management System scheme, to continue their development programme.

Last year at Tesco, 29% of new positions were filled by 16 - 24 year olds. Some of the trainee schemes offered to this age group:

Trainee Management Scheme
Retail Foundation Degree
Options Programme
Graduate Recruitment.



10 Amazing Apprenticeship Facts

By the end of their career, an apprentice will make £100,000 more than someone without qualifications.

This is just one of the 10 facts that your pupils need to know about apprenticeships. Young people and their parents and other teachers in your school need to be aware of the value of any qualification . Top 10 facts can be found at the following link page 23.

Also on page 23 you will find the top 10 apprenticeship providers.


Careers and FACEBOOK!

We live in the age of new technology, technology that is changing rapidly. Have you ever used facebook in your Careers lessons? A recent survey has identified that 92% of students have a facebook account, compared to 43% who use Myspace, 38% Twitter, 25% Bebo and 17% use Linkedln.

Amazingly we are always trying to get to know our students and what interests them - how useful would a facebook profile be in trying to engage with our students?

Let us know if you have ever used Facebook or the likes, so we can share with others.